man using an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer on gym equipment

Electrostatic Disinfection For Gyms and Athletic Facilities

Whether it’s a school gym, professional athletic facility, or a health club, every facility needs consistent and proper disinfection protocols in place. Fortunately, electrostatic disinfection can fill that role and be the solution athletic facilities and gyms have been searching for.

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effersan disinfectant tablets and spray

The Complete Guide to Using EfferSan Tablets

For those new to Effersan Disinfectant Tablets; this beginners guide has everything you need to know. We’ll break down why these products are so effective and the reasons you should be using them to keep your loved ones safe and your business open.

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disinfected hotel room with covid-free sign

How to Disinfect a Hotel Room

This summer, thousands of hotels will reopen again after months of closure due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic. However, hotel administrations and officials will have

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